First 5: 15 Years for Kids Graphic

What We Fund

Early Learning - 2,400 children and 2,128 parents or family members participated in high quality preschool programs and family literacy activities to boost early math and reading skills.

  1. Developmental Screening & Special Needs - 1,121 children were screened for developmental delays and other special needs.  Parents of children with special needs receive services to access inclusive child care and/or preschool environments.

  2. Oral Health & Dental Care - Although tooth decay is the most common preventable illness, oral health access remains one of the greatest needs for children in San Mateo County. The Oral Health Initiative has raised awareness of the importance of dental access and utilization.  Recent data indicates a steady decline of children who have never been to a dentist.

  3. Supporting Families - In partnership with First 5 funded agencies, 4,969 Kit for New Parents were distributed to expectant parents supporting parent education and family nurturing and development.

  4. Access to Health Care - Through First 5’s support of the Children’s Health Initiative, San Mateo County is one of only 2 counties throughout the state that has no waiting list for children and the ability to insure every child.